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The Expository: It's Explanatory, Not Tell-A-Story!™

An interactive 5-day writing experience that shows students writing an expository is as easy as speaking their mind.

On the fifth day, students stand up and stand out! They show off their expository expertise as they peform their essay using theater skills they learned with Chris Espinosa.

These will be the most
entertaining expository essays you will ever hear!

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TEKS addressed by

The Story Window™
Chris Espinosa's original writing
workshop with his
One-To-Three (1-to-3) Writing
. Available as a one day
or a multi-day writing program.

PK-5th Grade

The Story Window revamped as
a 5-day, arts integrated
writing residency that integrates
theater arts with writing.

3rd-5th Grade

3-2-1 Blast Off
Texas history game show based on Chris Espinosa's book, Rocket Megabyte's Texas Adventure.
Free presentation with book
sales or residency booking.

3rd-5th Grade

Copyright 2002-, Chris Espinosa