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2nd Grade - The Fairy Tale Window™

Getting the youngest students to write is not a fantasy when you start with storytelling. ChrisEspinosaXYZ uses improvisation to show students how storytelling is a good first step to writing a story. Students learn how to create an original magical fable by using the elements of a fairy tale, their five senses, and the 5W’s (Who, What, When, Where, and Why). Espinosa demonstrates that even the youngest can write; all they have to do is use their imagination.

What is ChrisEspinosaXYZ doing in the video?
A. Having a psychotic break in front of a 2nd grade audience. B. Reacting to yet another change on the STAAR test.
C. Bringing an original fairy tale to life.

The correct answer is "C".

Chris is in the middle of performing an original fairy tale created in part by the 2nd graders at St. Gregory School in Tyler, Texas.

Armed with nothing but the 5W's (Who, What, When, Where, and Why) and student imagination, Chris and the 2nd graders created a fable about an evil scientist (Dr. Geoak) and his diabolical plan to steal all of the chocolate from the Chocolate Kingdom. Dr. Geoak believed that the Chocolate King was loved by the people in his kingdom because he controlled all the chocolate. In the end, Dr. Geoak discovers that the Chocolate King's popularity had nothing to do with WHAT he owned, but WHO he was.

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