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BLAST the dust off your Texas history books
with this interactive game show!
This program is based on the book, Rocket Megabyte’s Texas Adventure.

“Author Chris Espinosa accomplishes in 30 minutes what I have been trying to do in the classroom for the past 28 years!”
--Ms. Mann, 4th grade teacher,
Woolls Intermediate, Hondo, TX

3-2-1 BLAST OFF!™ (Grades 3-5)
Chris Espinosa and his mechanized mutt, Rocket, will take your students on an entertaining 45-minute trek through Texas history via a PowerPoint presentation.

Then it’s time for the a rapid fire comedy game show!

The audience is divided into two teams and contestants are selected to answer factual question about Texas. There are no prizes . . . just points, but the youngsters love the competitive nature of the game. The greatest benefit of this program is that the students are learning about Texas while having fun at the same time!

This entertaining program not only reinforces educational material presented during the session, but also that in the classroom.

Program is based on Chris Espinosa’s book, Rocket Megabyte’s Texas Adventure (a full-color, 68-page book available in hardback and paperback). 

And yes, Rocket Megabyte is a real robot dog!
He accompanies Chris Espinosa if the game show is one of the programs scheduled by the school.

Assembly performance
Audience Size: Up to 300

45-60 minutes

Copyright 2002- , Chris Espinosa
All Rights Reserved.